On the Issues

Dave Jacoby Signing In

Rep. Dave Jacoby has …

  • Worked hard for all working families
  • Called for a special hearing with insurance companies to determine the cause of escalating health insurance costs, especially for Iowans over 40
  • Secured $27 million for Coralville for flood recovery and prevention
  • Secured over $7 million for the Iowa City wastewater plant (effected by the flood)
  • Co-sponsored and ran the Car Title Loan Bill and the Power Fund (alternative energy) Bill on the House Floor; both were passed and signed by the Governor
  • Co-sponsored the Puppy Mill Bill eliminating disreputable breeders
  • Co-sponsored the Cancer Clinical Trial Bill requiring coverage for necessary treatments
  • Funded the University of Iowa to keep jobs, maintain benefits, and keep the retirement system solvent
  • Championed funding for the UI Hygienic Lab to upgrade public safety and local jobs
  • Created bonding structure for the UI BioMed Research Building and the new Chemistry Building — both are essential in the certification of Health Sciences
  • Approved requests for the new UI Public Health Building
  • Fought for review of all tax credits
  • Fought for and secured $110 million more than the Governor’s budget for our K–12 school system
  • Defended our State Empowerment Program to keep local decisions on children’s issues local
  • Fought for mental health parity
  • Authored a bill for regenitive medicine that made it through commerce
  • Successfully advocated for $5 million for our area passenger rail service and connection to Chicago

Rep. Dave Jacoby promises to …

  • Continue to fight for working families
  • Use my experience to maintain a balanced budget during difficult economic times
  • Fight off challenges to the rights of same sex couples
  • Continue to support Unemployment Modernization to both extend benefits to displaced workers training for new jobs and to reduce the burden to small business
  • Build on the Jobs/Small Business legislation I authored helping bridge the cash flow gap and eliminate the regulation redundancy
  • Stand up to special interest groups and lobbyists by doing what is right for citizens
  • Continue to fight for the reconstruction of Highway 965
  • Foster communication between the DOT and Tiffin leadership on local transportation issues
  • Work for campaign reform
  • Most importantly, I will continue to listen to YOU!
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